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BSTOL Smokra Product Copyright Statement

Apr 25, 2021
Dear all customers,
Thanks for supporting Smokra products.
Unfortunately, like many iconic brands, our designs are targeted by criminals who are producing and selling counterfeit products intended to deceive consumers and profit from our success. Several reports have highlighted that the major profits that can be made from selling counterfeit products, may cause health damage because of low-quality materials.
In order to fight this illegal trade in counterfeit products and protect consumers, we announce that the original and authorized for USA.
In order to fight this illegal trade in counterfeit products and protect consumers, please report any counterfeit products.
We recognize it can be difficult to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit products, especially online. Therefore, always be cautious of buying any Smokra product from the exclusive distributor, be aware of any company or distributors who offer substantial discounts, and avoid any products claiming to be factory seconds or overruns.
Please note that purchasing products from unauthorized retailers or wholesalers is always at your own risk.
If you find a retailer or distributor that may be offering counterfeit Smokra products or if you have concerns about the legitimacy of a product that you have purchased, please contact us via our customer service channels and provide as many details as you can-- To email: info@smokra.com (images of the item you purchased, SN number on the single package, the name and location of the seller and/or the website address). This will help us to identify the problem and follow up accordingly.

and any wholesale inquiries: support@smokra.com.

Such as the small picture is the imitation brand product:

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